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Looking to Get Fit? How to Get Started with Biking


Looking to Get Fit? How to Get Started with Biking

Cycling is a great way to stay fit. Not only does this exercise deliver substantial cardiovascular benefits, but it also provides a low-impact overall body workout. While cycling may look easy enough, having a plan to get started will support your goals to be successful with this new endeavor. Here are three things to keep in mind as you begin your new fitness journey with a bike.

Getting Your Equipment

The first thing that you need to get started is the right bike and equipment. Your local bike shop is an ideal place to start assembling everything that you need. You should choose a bike that is designed for beginners. Most shops will recommend a lightweight bicycle with skinny tires so that you can easily navigate the streets and trails when you first begin. You also need a helmet to wear at all times. Do not give in to the temptation to buy a used helmet to save a few bucks. By purchasing a new helmet, you can feel confident knowing that it has met the latest safety standards and has not been involved in an accident that may have affected its integrity. According to Healthy Families BC, you will also need the proper riding attire and tools, such as a mini pump and spare tubes.

Learn the Rules of the Road for Bikes

According to Robert Pahlke Law Group, becoming familiar with, and following, the rules of the road can help protect bikers from injury or accidents involving motor vehicles. Be sure to take the time to learn your state laws and local regulations so that you can ride safely and in control. Learning how to be aware of the road and your surroundings take practice. However, you will be able to anticipate potential hazards easier once you have developed this crucial awareness. In addition to always wearing a helmet, it is a good idea to leave the headphones so that you can be fully aware of your surroundings. It is also vital to carry identification with you that will come in handy should you experience any trouble.

Find Your Style and People

After you are properly geared up and know all of the rules of the road, you can start with experimenting with different styles and workouts to find the best personal fit for your preferences. For example, some riders prefer a more competitive environment, while others want to keep it casual and have fun. Some cyclists enjoy the thrill of road races, while others are happy by simply getting a good workout when they have free time. Some people enjoy the solitude that comes with a good ride, and other cyclists thrive on the energy and social interaction of a group. According to, local bike shops and gyms are good places to check for cycling groups that are geared toward your fitness level and needs.

Once you have some rides under your belt, you will begin to understand how to make this new hobby a habit. By setting long-term goals, you can stay motivated to keep pedaling and reaching all of your fitness dreams.

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