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Why Every Man Over 40 Should Be Hitting the Gym


Why Every Man Over 40 Should Be Hitting the Gym

As men age, it can becomes more difficult to get ourselves into a healthy routine. This is unfortunate, because it is the time we need to have such a routine the most. If you are a man over the age of 40, getting to the gym and working out can be a vital piece of your overall health puzzle. 

Weight Training

Weight training can be intimidating, especially for a beginner, but has many health benefits for the over 40 crowd that cannot be ignored. The goal of weight training is to stabilize and increase muscle mass and bone density. Both of these decrease rapidly as we age, and even more if we are not active. According to, weight training can halt or reverse both of these trends. Additionally, building muscle mass means your body will consume more calories and burn more fat, and may have positive effects on your metabolism. Plus, weight training done correctly can be highly enjoyable, with lots of different exercises for the whole body, meaning it never gets dull or boring. Just make sure you are using weights correctly and safely, and perhaps invest in a trainer or guided gym to get started. 


One of the biggest issues for men as they age is a dip in testosterone levels. While natural, it is less than ideal and can cause a host of problems. Low testosterone levels have been linked with depression, and can decrease your drive, motivation and energy levels. This in turn can increase weight gain and negatively affect blood pressure. Leviathan Wellness recommends diet and exercise as the best ways to naturally boost one’s testosterone levels. Weightlifting in particular has been shown to increase testosterone levels both in the short and long term in men. 

You’re Not ‘Too Old’

It’s never too late to start a new habit, and an exercise routine is no exception. Regardless of the type of exercise and activity, as long as you are working out responsibly, you are positively impacting your health. Starting late is far better than not starting at all, no matter your level of health, fitness or age. Those who may have questions, concerns or injuries should consult a doctor or health professional, but everyone can ultimately benefit. And in today’s world, where you hear phrases such as 40 being the new 20, the tone and conversation has shifted toward encouraging everyone to get moving and live a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Starting a new routine can be intimidating, especially as we grow older. However, the research is clear and undeniable. Exercise for the over 40 crowd is just as important, if not more, than when we are young. Exercise has the potential to halt and reverse many negative aging trends and give us a better lifestyle as we move forward, so get started today!