Iron Forged AthletX Strategy Session

Posted on May 15th, 2023.

Iron Forged AthletX wants to see you succeed! Before you begin any training session at Iron Forged AthletX, you will be presented with the opportunity to have a personal meeting one-on-one with a coach. This meeting is what is called a strategy session, and it is a very important part of your overall training regimen. 

The strategy session will last just one hour, but will review your goals and review any injuries that you may have sustained in the past, as well as have a conversation with you about your overall health and wellness before you begin your training.

This information will help your coach assess your ability to perform certain tasks while you are still in training. This is done to avoid putting you in situations where you could further irritate an existing injury. 

Matters That Will Be Discussed

During your strategy session, a number of matters will be discussed with your coach.A few of these factors include the following: 

  • A Review of Your Current Lifestyle – Your coach will need to go over with you some facts about your current lifestyle and how it may relate to your ability to do certain training exercises well at the gym. This may include a review of how sedentary you are at the moment, as well as the type of job that you work and the level of activity that you regularly engage in on a typical day. 
  • Functional Movement Screen Test – The functional movement screen test is one of the most important aspects of the strategy session.The reason is that your coach can evaluate with real statistics exactly how much movement and flexibility your body can handle at this time. The goal is to improve both of those statistics, but they need to start at a baseline in order to determine where you stand today.
  • Body Composition Analysis – The Inbody Machine is something that we can use to help come up with a body composition analysis for any of our customers. This will determine important statistics such as the percentage of your body that is body fat, your muscle index and more. Once again, having these factors known before you begin your training sessions is extremely valuable both to you and your coach. It will help you measure your success overtime as you continue to participate in these sessions.

You can sign up via our website at any time to set up a free consultation to get more information and get started with your strategy session and review of your fitness goals.

Additional Services Offered

Some of the services that you can benefit from include the following:

  • Personal training – Being able to be trained one-on-one with a master personal trainer certified in sports nutrition level one through four is an incredibly beneficial thing for everyone who comes to this gym. They can receive the best personalized advice about how they can better sculpt their body over time from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.Semi-private training – Training in a semi-private way is a great way to benefit from individualized training recommendations and tips that you might not otherwise be able to receive at your typical gym.
  • Stretching – Believe it or not, one of the best services that any gym can offer is some information about how you can best practice certain stretching exercises to avoid injuries and help yourself get more in shape safely. Stretching is an incredibly important part of the workout experience that is often overlooked, and it shouldn’t be!

Prior to any private or semi-private training at Iron Forged AthletX, we offer a one-on-one sit down with a coach called a Strategy Session. During this hour consultation, you will discuss your goals, review any past injuries and have a more in depth conversation with any questions you may have. Our assessment is thorough and includes:

  • Reviewing your lifestyle
  • Performing a Functional Movement Screen test
  • A body composition analysis with our InBody Machine
  • Our InBody 570 Machines measures certain factors, including Lean Segmental Mass, Mass Index (BMI) and Body Fat %.

Have more questions about our Strategy Session and training? Send us an email at [email protected]